Jeannette Mead

If this was the Realtor Olympics, Celine Muldowney would have won a gold medal.

I have recently sold my home in Newbury and it was very hard for me to make a change. I have lived there for 22 years. My husband died 2 years ago so I was flying solo. It was daunting to even contemplate a move. Then I met Celine. She assured me that she was able to take the reins and guide me through the stressful process. I took the big leap, placed my faith in her, and we shook hands to seal the deal. From there on she led me step by step to a successful sale.

She instructed me to get going and throw everything out that I could part with. She introduced me to a wonderful man to help with removal of years of “stuff” that had collected in my shed, garage, basement and storage areas. He showed up on time, was polite and left leaving everything clean and tidy. I couldn’t have done without him. Celine also showed up one day in her work clothes, rolled up her sleeves and worked all day to improve the appearance of each room. She moved furniture, packed some boxes and showed me how to best show off the features of my home. It surely made a huge difference.

On the day of my Open House, over 50 couples walked through. By the end of the day, I had 4 good offers for my house. Celine then explained the pros and cons of each offer and we decided on accepting one of them. It was all done in one day. She left me with no worries and said she would take care of all the details. And she did.

When I hit a snag, the replacement of my septic system, Celine went into overdrive. She was able to work a miracle deal for me so I was able to move as quickly as possible. And everyone was happy.

The closing was short and sweet. All parties left with big smiles on their faces.

I will always think fondly of Celine, she was the right person at the right time and she saved my bacon!