Hannah and Peter

The home-buying process is intimidating and can be outright terrifying for first-time home buyers like me. My wife and I spent ~9 months engaged with personal resources and various realtors before we met Celine. The only thing I would change about my overall home buying experience would be to have engaged with Celine from the beginning.

After meeting Celine, my wife and I instantly knew we were in capable hands. Celine found a way to eliminate the noise and clutter from the process, she kept us focused and always helped us grapple with the emotional ups and downs. Something that I will always be grateful for is how Celine helped my wife and I stay optimistic and hopeful when we felt that we might never find a home. Celine is the opposite of “all talk” – without fail, Celine did every bit of research possible on each house we saw. Weekend after weekend, and plenty of weekdays, when my wife and I would arrive at a potential home, Celine was there ready to rock and over-prepared.

Celine is what you hope for when you’re engaging with someone on the biggest, scariest purchase of your life- She is a legitimate expert and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.