Susan Boccuzzo

My experience with Celine Muldowney and Stone Ridge Properties could not have been any better. I had lived in the same house for 30 years, moved out of state, and after a short time needed to come back to MA. Celine got me back to MA into a beautiful condo. I decided condo living was not for me. She showed it, gave me input and hints on what to do to make a sale. The selling of that condo did not go smoothly. Not due to her or myself but a condo association over sight. Celine kept in touch with me every day with status and memos from parties involved the sale finally went forward.

Celine then took the time to find out what it was in a house that I really wanted and needed. We did this long distance as I went to my summer home. She lined up properties I would like and I would travel down to see them. She never wasted my time and listened to me as to what I liked and did not. “MY” house came on the market and she went and walked through it for me. Called and told me the pros and cons. I came down the next day saw it and put a deposit on it. We got the home inspector in and found out what needed to be done. On her time she met the plumber and electrician and got quotes that were forwarded to me. I am very happy in my new home. The process of selling and buying could have been very stressful but Celine kept my perspective on everything in line and all worked out well. You cannot go wrong using Celine to sell or purchase a property. When they say the customer is always first, they mean it in Celine’s case.